Criticism on Balancer $BAL as a pool was removed from UI

Balancer, a popular protocol for programmable liquidity mostly on Ethereum, surprised users with a centralized action. Although it is completely understandable, it does make clear there is a feature here that can turn into a problematic vulnerability later.

Chainlink hype & FUD

This week it was nice reading the fake report on Chainlink. Fake, yes (seemingly not published by Zeus Capital as it says), but some arguments make sense if you like. A market cap of more than 2.6 billion seems somewhat over the top to me.

However, dyor of course.

The (Fake) report:

Is NEXO, the crypto lending platform, involved?

An article reflecting on the report & the Nexo connection:

OCC: US national banks can provide crypto custody services

But will the banks hedge against their own system?

But if they do, it will have impact:

GPT-3, AI that writes like a human

It’s a real revolution getting interesting discussions on Twitter.

Crypto loans take off

Central banks form a group to analyze CBDC potential