Komodo team releases alpha version of ‘on chain’ game

Komodo team did it again and showcases how ‘on chain’ gaming can be done. This is a major step I think as for instance EOS or ETH dApp games are not replayed (and thereby verified) by the blockchain as far as I know. This adds a lot to trust and security. (important when money is at stake!)

“…the keystrokes of the users game play will be used to validate the player data created. In fact, the user doesn’t even submit any claims for gold or player data, just the keystrokes and the blockchain replay the game to calculate the end result. Takes a few milliseconds per game.”

“Any game that is deterministically random can be done – e.g. like single player Starcraft.”

Nice addition is that Komodo’s DEX protocol even allowed avatar or armour NFT’s to be exchanged via cross chain atomic swap.

Two major breakthroughs in one week. Komodo is getting traction!

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