Komodo dealt swiftly with an upstream hack on Agama


NPM & Komodo teamed up to minimize damage caused by an upstream hack in one of the NPM libraries. Hackers could get to the seeds or WIF keys when Agama was used. Swift and accurate action was required and performed. The 5th of June became an extremely long day for the Komodo team and a lot of active ecosystem members. The end result was that between 8 and 13 million worth of funds has been secured and a guessed 1 million of KMD is now known to be controlled by the hacker. The community seems strong and helpful, if this is the damage, according to the team all will be compensated to over 80-90%. https://blog.npmjs.org/post/185397814280/plot-to-steal-cryptocurrency-foiled-by-the-npm

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