Dutch ministry of finance clamps down on cash without supporting evidence of misuse

Dutch Ministers Hoekstra & Grapperhaus suggest a clamp down on cash without any proper research or results supporting a positive effect. This is unveiled by Follow the Money. Good to know: Grapperhaus himself was supporting ING during their biggest money laundry case in history which costed them a fine of € 775M.

As a clamp down on cash helps the banks and not the people, it seems Hoekstra & Grapperhaus forgot who they should serve: the people. Both are probably presorting on future career moves.

(link: https://www.ftm.nl/artikelen/criminalisering-contant-geld?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebuttonnietleden&utm_source=twitter) ftm.nl/artikelen/crim…

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