crypto essentials

Some blog posts, tweets or videos are timeless and essential for everyone in crypto (or entering it) to know. Here’s my selection.

Blockchain & coins are intertwined

Why Proof of Work rules as top security layer

Understand the history of computers & blockchain and you’ll understand the future

Is the future run by lawyers or technicians? Both are wrong answers, it has to be the people!

Why we need ‘apolitical, hard, sound money’?

One of the guys who best describes this is the Bitcoin maximalist Akin Fernandez (Beautyon_). You don’t have to agree with his maximalism to get the amazing messages coming from this interview blogpost.

my favourite quotes

Learn about money (and banks) as system of control

Andreas Antonopolous explains how nowadays money and the international banking system are used as an undemocratic system of control. Watch this video and it is clear the system is not designed ‘for’ the people, but more like ‘against’.

Learn about the government’s take on financial ownership

This differs from country to country, but competition on the money system as a store of value is in general not appreciated. In 1933 the USA confiscated all gold to bail out the Federal Reserve Bank which seems quite extreme. But gold became a threat to the US dollar at that time because of it’s ‘hardness’. Consider this quote from Alan Greenspan (former president of the Federal Reserve Bank) in 1966:

This indicates how tough the dilemma for governments is. It will be hard to adapt to the new situation and it will be hard to fight it.

Understand why Bitcoin will outperform others

The Bubble Boy and the Sewer Rat

In terms of resilience Bitcoin now outperforms all other systems. Especially centralised or private systems, but also all other crypto currency projects. Other systems or layers however can piggyback on Bitcoin to get the same or better resilience by adding their own security. Consider Lightning Network or Komodo Platform.

Do we need organisations?

Especially for public infrastructure projects we don’t. We just need to organise ourselves.